Product features

¡¡¡¡Automatic folding sewing machine is a new type machine according to the market requirements ,which coordinate with bias fabric winding machine and fabric slitting machine .Instead of traditional sewing machine with blade,which needs sew after folding the fabric manually.And new machine improve the work efficiency greatly.

¡¡¡¡Automatic folding sewing machine can sew the fabric automatically to cylinder-shaped.Fabric is sewed with high speed as cylinder-shaped through folded shelf by sewing machine.then cut it into bias fabric,which can improve the work efficiency.The machine can cut the irregular edge fabric automatically in the process of stitching.Main configuration :Using frequency conversion stepless speed regulation;Equipped with photoelectric automatic correction system;adopts amount of automated code display caliber code, and other functions.Automatic folding sewing machine is suitable for materials processing factories, garment factories and other industries use.

Product application

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