Product features

According to the market demand, a new type of ultrasonic folding wireless sewing machine is developed, which is used in combination with twill coiling machine and slitting and bundling machine, instead of traditional ultrasonic sewing machine, which uses manual folding and then sewing cloth, greatly improving work efficiency.
Optional machine head: high-speed side-cutting knife sewing machine, five-thread sewing machine, ultrasonic sewing machine
The feeding rack is designed under the folding rack, which can save space and put the whole roll of cloth or bulk grey cloth. It also has the function of enlarging and opposite edge. It can enlarge the fabric and fold it neatly through folding rack after opposite edge without wrinkles.
Pull the folded cloth into the sewing machine, sew the edge, pull the cloth out by the pulling roller, and fold the cloth in Z shape.
Intelligent thermostat is used to control temperature with high accuracy. It is equipped with meter meter, which can measure length.
5. Sewing and pulling cloth are driven by the same frequency conversion motor, which adopts variable frequency stepless speed regulation. It can meet the requirements of different cloth and speed, and has high synchronization. Sewing cloth speed can reach 500 meters per hour.
Equipped with automatic disconnection device, disconnection or cloth can be automatically shut down without sewing.
It is equipped with fixed width iron to ensure that the width of the whole roll of cloth is the same after folding and stitching.

* Equipped with automatic edge-collecting device, the cut edges can be rolled up.

Product application

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